Precision laser-fibre cutting

Laser Cutting

Precision laser cutting - CO2, fiber

- size of the sheet up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm
- cutting speed up to 52 m/minute
- accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
- power 5 kW
- steel, stainless steel, aluminium sheets to 25 mm
- brass and copper up to 10 mm

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Precise cutting and punching of sheet metal


Precise cutting and punching of sheet metal

- sheet metal size up to 1500 x 3000 mm
- steel up to 3 mm
- stainless steel up to 3 mm
- aluminium and its alloys up to 4 mm
- the accuracy of punching and perforating is +/- 0.05 mm
- machine position accurancy is 0.02 mm
- in the case of highly visible parts we use sheets with protective foil and we also have a machine for straightening twisted sheets

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Metal bending

Metal Bending

We bend sheet metal up to 4000 mm in length

- production tools from R 0,5 - R 40
- gradual bending of larger radiuses
- special tools
- bending without bend marks (visible parts) according to ISO 2768 tolerated dimensions
- 6-axis bending of complex parts

TRUMABEND V1300 press brakes
    Bend length: up to 3000 mm
    Pressing force: 1300 kN

TRUMABEND V200 press brake
   Bend length: up to 4000 mm
   Pressing force: 2000 kN

TRUMABEND V230 press brake
   Bend length: up to 3000 mm
   Pressing force:  2300 kN

TRUMABEND V85 S press brake
   Bend length: up to 2500 mm
   Pressing force: 850 kN

SAFAN 125/25T press brake
   Bend length: up to 1250 mm
   Pressing force: 250 kN

Amada HFP NT 220-30 NTL press brake
   Bend length: up to 3100 mm
   Pressing force: 2200 kN

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Welding stainless steel, steel and aluminium materials


We weld stainless steel, steel and aluminium materials

- EN 15085-2 Welding of railway rolling stock and components
- EN 1090-2 Fabrication of steel and aluminium structures
- EN 3834-2 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials

- 131 - MIG, manual welding
- 135 - MAG, manual welding and automated robot welding process
- 141, 142 - TIG, manual welding, partially mechanised orbital welding
- 21 - resistance spot welding
- 786 - condenser stud welding with stud ignition
- 783 - stroke welding of studs with ceramic ring

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Metal processing

Metal Processing

Processing of workpieces up to 600 mm x 2000 mm

- accuracy up to 0.02 mm
- we also offer continuous 5-axis metal machining, including stainless steel materials

Download: machine specification

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Liquid painting

Liquid Painting

Certified and attested painting for exterior and interior by liquid painting method

- box size7x4 m
- box entrance opening 3x2,5 m
- maximum weight of 1 piece is 500 kg
- possibility of painting with multilayer systems including paint rubbing into engraved reliefs
- painting of stainless steel, Al, Fe materials including plastics
- pretreatment for painting by ferric phosphate or by blasting

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Powder painting

Powder Painting

Powder coating of all types of metal, aluminium and galvanized materials

- manual pretreatment with ferric phosphate
- manual electrostatic or electrokinetic painting
- possibility of two-layer painting with anticorrosive primers
- masking of functional surfaces
- max. product dimensions 1600x1900x4000 mm max. weight 160Kg
- possibility of corrosion tests - salt spray, impact test, sandwich test
- DEMI water production

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3D measuring

3D Measuring

Measuring a part on the XOrbit 87 3D gauge

- XOrbit 87 measuring machine
- accuracy up to 0.005 mm
- possibility to produce a report in graphical or numerical form

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