grinding machines for punching machine tools

Grinding Machines for Punching Machine Tools

In 2004, we introduced our first manual grinding machine for punching machine tools, which gained worldwide popularity very quickly. Currently we produce automatic, semi-automatic and manual  grinding machines.


Specifications of grinding machines

Automatic grinding machine ANB-5T

Semi-automatic grinding machine PNB-2E

Semi-automatic grinding machine PNB-5E

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hydraulic press machines

Hydraulic Assembly Machines

We produce the LSC 7010 hydraulic pressing complex, which is designed for pressing fasteners, for making embossings and countersinks in thin metal sheets. At the same time, the machine can be used for simple bends and for joining thin sheets using the clinching method. It consists of two parts, a rigid "C frame" and a hydraulic unit, which makes the machine easier to handle.


LSC 7010 hydraulic pressing complex

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belt grinding machines

Belt Grinding Machines

You can use our belt grinders for surface treatment of flat surfaces and edges even on welded parts. The advantage is the adjustable belt speed as well as the possibility to rotate the belt to the desired angle. A positionable table is included, which ensures easy handling of the workpiece. Overheating of parts is eliminated thanks to the length of the sanding belt, which ensures optimum cooling.

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pantographic deburring machines

Pantographic Deburring Machines

Our pantographic deburring machine makes grinding straight parts easier and faster. Its main advantage is its simple operation and large range of motion. By turning the electric motor, the work tools can be changed quickly and time is saved.

Download: The Pantographic Deburring TUBUS 2

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bend corrector

Bend Corrector

In order to increase efficiency and reduce the time required to repair bent sheet metal parts on bending presses, we have developed a bend corrector. The bend corrector uses a non-contact laser measurement to check the problematic bend and performs the correction in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode.

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