About Us

We are an engineering company engaged in the development, production, sale and service of parts, covers, weldments or machine frames, sheet metal assemblies and single-purpose machines.

Company Philosophy

Our Vison

To be the best supplier and partner for our customers, who is competent enough to solve a number of sophisticated tasks in relation to processing sheet metal plates. Also to have some knowledge in associated industrial fields.

Corporate Mission

We help our customers to succeed the best in their day-to-day activities by production and development of their products and because of our knowledge, capabilities and experience we provide them with the best possible solutions.
By providing this service to our customers, we can guarantee a high level of personal achievement and job satisfaction for our staff members.
We behave with respect to our environment.

Values and Principles We Hold in High Esteem

Each of our customers deserves the finest quality product.
Our business has no meaning without our customers.
Providing services is our function.

Main Principles of Our Business

The independence, high-leveled assignment, exigency towards ourselves and any other subjects.
Respecting all parties - customers and colleagues.
Sparing use of the recourses - money, machines, energy, and manpower.
Environmental protection and elimination of any waste.
Continually educate ourselves and improve our skills and knowledge.
Taking responsibility.
Cooperate with the neighbourhood.
Fairness, self-respect and modesty.
An active approach to solving problems and searching for new ways and methods.
Innovation and creativity.
Using common sense.