SV metal follows unified standards of quality across all its production operations and product lines. This fully guarantees that all employees know the company's priorities.

TUVOne of the biggest priorities is not only reaching, but exceeding the standard level of quality across all our activities.

Everything in our company begins and ends with the customers, their demands, and requirements for their own product.

The main corporate philosophy is that the quality of products and services, as well as the productivity and efficiency of the company is a result of all employees working together.


We follow these rules:

Always keep in mind that all your work is a service to our customers and your co-workers.

Constantly think about your work, search for new solutions, and always question them.

Ask our customers and your co-workers what they need from you and what you can offer them.

Forget about answers like “I don't want to”, “I can't”, “It cannot be done”, “I don't care”...

Instead, try to use “I will try”, “I will arrange”, “I will ensure”, “I will help”...

To provide complex quality control, we created a quality control system according to ISO 9001:2015. As proof that the implemented system meets regulation demands, we have a certificate from an independent company, TUV SUD.

We are constantly evolving, improving, and perfecting the quality control system as well as our technologies to meet your demands.

Our certificates: