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In this section you will find the gallery of our products. Our production program is very variable and depends on both needs of our customers and our own needs.

We offer all in terms of fabricating sheet metal parts up to the final products and machines. In further subsections you will find the detailed information data about the individual products.

We are also engaged in production of single-purpose machines that are related to the sheet metalworking and metal processing. In virtue of a great experience in these branches we are able to offer the most original, simple and price-reasonable solutions.

Ranged among our most successful products is the Trumpf Quickgrind columnar grinding machine and the LSC 6010 hydraulic pressing machine.

Further our products are the cigarette vending machines (these are fabricated in the two capacity options of 240 and 480 packets, respectively).

An important up-to-date product is a rack system that is fabricated sized upon the customer's demand.

For more information about these products please contact our sales department

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